How Much Does Vinyl Siding Installation Cost?

Most homeowners know how well vinyl siding protects their home and that it offers an outstanding value in comparison to other materials. However, the vinyl siding installation St Louis costs may not be information that you have on hand, but you should. Installation costs are important to factor into the budget when purchasing vinyl siding for your home. Ensure that you allot enough money in the budget to cover the costs of installing vinyl siding on your home.

Impacting the Costs

Many factors play a part in the amount of money you’ll spend for installation of the siding on your home. This includes the time of year of installation, company selected for installation, size of the home, etc. To ensure the best rates are found for installation, hire the company you’ve purchased the siding from or carefully research the options before signing a contract. Many companies are out there, but some are interested only in a quick dollar. Do not involve yourself with such a company.

Installation Average Costs

An average cost of $4.29 – $8.56 per square foot is usually paid to install vinyl siding onto your home. This equals a total cost of $6,800 for a 2,200 square foot home. Be sure to add the costs of removing and disposing the old siding on the home. The average cost for removal of old siding/materials on a home is about $1,200 – $3,300.

When the day is done, costs of vinyl siding are reasonable. Vinyl siding provides long-lasting, durable protection for your home. It is aesthetically appealing and easy-to maintain, offering 50 -60 years of use in most cases. Compare the options and finding a professional installer that offers a rate you’re comfortable paying is simple.